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We do it all.

We are the one-stop shop for businesses and individuals looking for professional and prompt services across a broad spectrum during a closure, remodel, relocation, or excess inventory liquidation. We are your solution for:

We handle projects of all sizes from start-to-finish. We know that each situation is unique. That’s why our company works to develop the exact process that will deliver the highest return to our clients, every time. Our professionals personally assess your needs and discuss the variety of services we can provide to turn your assets into profit and your problems into positive experiences.

“SAM Auctions was nothing short of a life-saver for us. We had approximately 50 stores that needed all the equipment removed in a very short period of time. We had a vendor lined up to do the work but at the last minute they backed out. Fortunately, SAM made themselves available. From the start, John, the owner, was very calm and reassuring. He immediately setup and executed an action plan, having his crews work 24/7 until the job was completed. They coordinated moving hundreds of truckloads of equipment, cleaned out all the stores leaving each one broom swept, sorted everything, and managed all warehousing, logistics and sales of all the excess equipment. SAM Auctions is flexible, responsive, reliable, and trustworthy.”Christopher Connaughton., Purchasing/Project Manager, Fresh & Easy