Best Places To Find Used Restaurant Equipment

Posted by Sam Auctions on Jul 21, 2023 8:35:00 AM

Whether you’re looking to start a restaurant business or it’s time to upgrade your kitchen appliances, purchasing used equipment...

Whether you’re looking to start a restaurant business or it’s time to upgrade your kitchen appliances, purchasing used equipment can save you thousands. But there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind for what to look for in your equipment and purchasing locations. 


This article covers the top three considerations for used restaurant equipment and an analysis of the best places for purchasing. Additionally, we share why Surplus Asset Management (SAM) Auctions rises above the rest and how we can help you find the perfect used restaurant equipment. So, let’s get to it!


What to Look for in Used Restaurant Equipment


Buying used restaurant equipment is a bit different than buying used equipment you’d use in your house. After all, a team of chefs and kitchen staff will rotate using it to serve customers. So, it needs to be durable, easy to use, and well-maintained. But what precisely should you look for when considering used restaurant equipment? Let’s take a look.


Check the Basics

  • Bring along your chef to test the equipment before purchasing
  • Check for cleanliness, as this will be a sign of maintenance
  • Consider gas-used restaurant equipment, if possible, since they have fewer parts and are generally easier to repair than electric


Think About Longevity

  • Factor in the cost and availability of replacement parts, or lack thereof
  • Fryers, ovens, and ranges make excellent used restaurant equipment because they have the best longevity


Consider Its History and Reputation

  • Research the make and model to ensure it has the features you need and a good reputation
  • Inquire about the history of your desired used restaurant equipment to help determine wear and tear condition
  • If you’re buying directly from the previous operator, ask about idiosyncrasies to keep an eye out for



Best Places to Find Used Restaurant Equipment


When you’re in the market for used restaurant equipment, more often than not, you’ll hear colleagues mention a few standbys:


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a relatively new online version of the classified ads section of a newspaper. Through this social platform, you can browse listings, search for local items, and find products available for shipping. 


The Fine Print: With Facebook Marketplace, you’ll find a variety of individuals and groups selling used restaurant equipment. Before buying anything, you’ll want to do your due diligence in research and find out if the warranty is still active.



Like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist is another version of a classified newspaper section. You’ll find everything from used restaurant equipment to housing to job postings.


The Fine Print: While Craigslist has been around for nearly 30 years, it’s still best to remember that it doesn’t specialize solely in used restaurant equipment. You’ll want to ensure that each piece of equipment is well-maintained with an in-person inspection, and if the appliance is still relatively new, check for warranties or other applicable paperwork.



Amazon is a technology company focused on eCommerce, digital streaming, and cloud computing. According to one recent report, over half of Amazon sellers were independent.


The Fine Print:

With Amazon’s vast array of quickly changing products and prices, you’ll want to keep a close eye. Likewise, like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, Amazon doesn’t specialize in used restaurant equipment. If you opt to use Amazon, you’ll want to do extra homework to ensure what you’re purchasing matches what you see online and know that who you’re buying from, and shipping can make a difference.


Auction Houses

Restaurant equipment auctions are an excellent choice for purchasing commercial kitchen furnishings. With as many as 61 percent of independent restaurants failing within their first three years, a lot of high-quality used restaurant equipment is available. Auction houses specialize in these types of equipment and have a wide array to choose from. 


Another benefit of restaurant equipment auction houses is that there’s a reduced overhead for owners looking to start or refresh their businesses. With corporate sustainability at the forefront of many auction houses, choosing to purchase from them helps you offset carbon and achieve green goal initiatives.


Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Used Restaurant Equipment


At SAM Auctions, we work with small-to-medium-sized businesses, major supermarkets, retail chains, restaurants, distributors, and other industries to drive sustainability and growth. Our online and in-person auctions allow businesses to get the best price on verified, used commercial equipment.


You’re encouraged to personally and physically inspect the subject property before the auction to satisfy yourself with the subject property in its entirety. Pick-up and delivery are easily coordinated with our inside team, along with payment and quick processing. Browse our upcoming auctions to find your next used restaurant equipment.