How To Purchase Used Grocery Store Refrigeration Equipment

Posted by Sam Auctions on Jun 15, 2023 6:59:33 PM

With more companies committing to environmental sustainability, every step toward minimizing our carbon footprint helps. Used...


With more companies committing to environmental sustainability, every step toward minimizing our carbon footprint helps. Used grocery store equipment often ends up in landfills, while processes for manufacturing new equipment could hinder environmental initiatives. Purchasing used commercial refrigerators can help reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Additionally, new refrigeration equipment can quickly lose much of its value because of depreciation values. For companies looking to maximize profit margins, purchasing used grocery store equipment can save 50 percent on average, even if not used, and avoid the initial depreciation hit. And if you need to resell your purchase, you'll be able to recover more costs than if you had purchased new.


What to Look For in Used Commercial Refrigerators


There are several key areas of consideration when purchasing used equipment. First, you'll want to factor in specific features for used commercial refrigerators, deli cases, drop-in coolers, prep tables, and under-counter refrigeration.


6 Considerations for Used Commercial Refrigerators:


       1.  Check for a warranty and support service
       2.  Seals without cracks, tears, or chips
       3.  A maintained motor
       4.  Trays securely in place
       5.  Consider an upper or bottom-mount condenser location
       6.  Measure to make sure it'll fit the desired size and location

Nothing lasts long, and because of this, a warranty and support service should be at the top of your list. Additionally, you'll want to check the condition and shape of the equipment you're considering. All seals should be ensured there won't be any air leaks, and the motor should be in good working order and indicate signs that it's been well maintained. A neglected motor or cracked seal could spell trouble and cost your business thousands of dollars. 


Additionally, you'll want to consider an upper or bottom-mount condenser. Bottom-mount condensers are generally easier to manage and sanitize, but top-mounts avoid blowing warm air when the door is opened. 


Lastly, you'll want to account for accurate measurements. The last thing you'll want is to bring in your used refrigeration equipment only to find out that it won't fit through the entryway or is an inch too wide for its final location. So, to select your perfect used commercial refrigerator, you'll want to begin with what you know: Measure the size and dimensions of the kitchen space along with the external dimensions you'll need to factor in transportation.


What Are Some Additional Considerations for Used Grocery Store Equipment?


Along with equipment features and sizing, you'll also want to consider the timeline for purchasing used commercial refrigerators. In addition to performing your own visual examination, you may also want to get the unit inspected by a professional team to ensure it's in good working order. After all, perishables spoilage could cost your business hundreds of dollars if it's not functioning properly.


Also, you'll want to factor in pickup and delivery. Some services offer delivery for free, while others may charge additional fees, which could include hauling away your existing appliance. For example, we don't ship at SAM Auctions, but we offer rigging and loading for an additional fee. Generally speaking, you'll want to set aside an additional $200 for delivery if needed and plan to shop locally to coordinate with your delivery options. 


If possible, you'll want to transport the unit facing upright for transporting used commercial refrigerators. This way, you won't have to worry about lubricants shifting around and relocating away from the compressor. If the unit needs to be transported in another position, you'll want to set your used grocery store equipment upright for a full day to allow the lubricants to resettle and flow back into the compressor. Otherwise, you'll risk breaking your compressor by running it without this required lubricant.


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